About Us

Perth Sports Massage Clinic is part of the Complete Care brand providing massage services to the West Australian community.

Perth Sports Massage Clinic is THE place for remedial massage services including a wide variety of treatment options. Providing you with exceptional treatment resulting in better health outcomes is at the heart of our mission. We appreciate you choosing us to assist you with your health needs according to your needs and goals.

Our mission is to ensure every patient that comes to our practice leaves happier and closer to their health goals.


At Perth Sports Massage Clinic we believe that a narrow focus = narrow results. Our style of massage treatment is about getting to the root cause of your pain so we can provide you with treatment that improves overall body function, not just alleviating pain.

Our team of highly-skilled massage therapists understand that there are multiple facets to each person’s health which can determine the level of physical function. That’s why you will experience a careful assessment, evidence-based approach, and quality time with your practitioner to treat you and your specific condition.

To find out more information or book an appointment, please contact our office.

Perth Sports Massage Clinic | tel:(08) 9383 7884
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